Lyrics & Chords

Rock & Refuge (A)

Written by Dan Lank, Sarah Benton, Pete Coggan, Melinda Sopp, Chris Smyth

CCLI: 7113913



Who has measured all the waters,

in the hollow of His hand?

Who has laid the deepest oceans?

Or can walk on them like land?


Who has counted every heart beat,

from before our lives began?

Who has held my every moment,

In the kindness of His plan?



You never turn away from doing good to me

You never turn away so I will trust You



My rock and my refuge

My hope is found in You

I give you everything I am

All of my hearts plans

My future in Your hands

I give You everything I am



Who has weighed the highest mountains?

Who is sat above it all?

Heaven’s mercy overflowing

Gave His life to save us all



Jesus You’re my hope and deliverer

My rock of peace that never changes