The New Ground Worship team is made up a group of worship leaders and musicians from across a number of New Ground churches. Here is a collection of resources from a range of both local church and New Ground conferences which we hope are helpful for you and your worship team.


Corporate worship & spiritual gifts - chris smyth

When we meet together on Sundays what do you expect to happen? As we worship and draw close to Jesus, He promises to draw close to us by his Holy Spirit. Why is that significant for our corporate worship times?

In this very practical talk Chris unpacks the role of the Holy Spirit when we meet together and explains from 1 Corinthians 14 what the 'spiritual gifts’ Paul talks about are and how to use them in worship.

This talk was part of New Community's (newcom.church) mini series on 'Worship' in September 2017.



All together - dan lank

Jim and Dan look at what happens when God's Church gather 'all together' in one place and how we worship 'all together' as one congregation.